MFN November 2018: Built to Blast

Langtry Blast Technologies founder Mike Langtry shares insight on the company’s success.  Expanding into new markets generates puts us ahead of the competition.  Click the link to learn more!

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MFN Sept 2017: Leading Canadian Manufacturer Increases Their Presence in the Global Market


Langtry Blast Technologies won’t be left behind.  Updating their portfolio doesn’t just mean offering innovative ideas or products — it means expanding the company’s potential by reaching out globally and introducing ourselves to new customers.  Click the link to learn more!

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MFN Sept 2015: Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. Announcing Expansion and Relocation this August 2015


The team at Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. are looking forward to their relocation and facility expansion coming up in August of this year.  As a world leader in the design and manufacturing of custom blast equipment, Langtry has experienced continued growth in both domestic and international markets.  To accommodate this growth, they have purchased a new facility to better meet the increased demand and expanded product line.  Burlington will remain the company’s home location and the new facility be located just a few kilometers east of its current one.

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MFN Sept 2015: Developing Top Quality Equipment One Machine At A Time!

headerMike was recently interviewed by MFN (Metal Finishing News) to gain an insight into the history, products and future vision of Langtry Blastech Technologies Inc.

MFN was able to get an interview with Michael Langtry, Founder and President of Langtry Blast Technologies Inc.. (?) MFN: Tell us a bit about how Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. was developed. (!) M.L.: When I immigrated to Canada from Ireland, I accepted a position with a company in the blasting/peening business. It was an innovative company and over the years I worked in many of the different departments and gained a lot of knowledge about the blasting/peening process. I became Production Manager and was responsible for overseeing everything from Design to Shipping, which included engineering drawings, parts, quotes, programming and design. While working within this company, I became intrigued in the business of manufacturing and the peening process and the possibilities they presented. I was amazed to learn about the large number of unique items that go through this process; everything from airplane parts to shopping carts. It made me think about the different equipment designs and technologies that might be used to introduce automated blasting/peening equipment into more businesses. It was at this time that I decided to utilize my visions, ideas and concepts and develop a company of my own. Having the knowledge that I developed over the years of working in the industry, I began building Langtry Blast Technologies Incorporated. I have now been in the industry for 25+ years, and Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. has been building high quality equipment ranging in a vast number of proven designs for the past twelve successful years.

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