Here at Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. (LBTI) we pride ourselves in delivering high quality tailor designed and built shot peening and blasting machinery. Mixing build quality, rigorous research and development process and lots of experience, LBTI lead the way in advanced control procedures and are happy to help you solve your blasting needs.

Our blasting equipment has been built for parts of all shape, size and description including, jet turbine blades, gears for rotary engines, pans, shopping carts, and even fork trucks.

Whatever your specific needs should require, Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. has the tailor made solution.

Our services include:



-Shot blasting equipment and machinery
-Shot peening equipment and machinery
-Blast cleaning equipment and machinery
-After sales parts

Langtry take care of everything from the machine design, fabrication, programming, testing and full training for both you and your operators along with supplying after sales parts and proving preventative maintenance schedules for your new and existing equipment.