Service & Maintenance

Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. (LBTI ) recognizes the need to keep production costs at a minimum in the present economic climate, that’s why LBTI focus considerable effort towards preventative maintenance and constant health checks for your existing equipment.

LBT host a large repertoire of “Machine Tune up” and “Preventative Maintenance” plans, as well as the ability to work with you to find your specific maintenance needs. These plans help create “scheduled down time” blocks and hence use predictive maintenance to ensure production is reliable.

Air Blast Service

Service for all equipment types

LBTI strives to ensure “Predictive effort becomes Preventative result”.

It is important to ensure that your equipment is properly maintained and that you have the right parts in stock at your facility to ensure that you are ready for any situation.

These types of pre-emptive measures ensure that you minimize down time on your equipment and as a result ensure production schedules are met.