Robotics Vs Manipulators

Robotics has made a welcomed entrance into the air blasting industry and has greatly helped to improve several areas of the process from accessing hard to reach areas and achieving high levels of accuracy to minimizing the need for human operators and eliminating human error.

However as with any innovative solution, there are also drawbacks to implementing robotically controlled shot blasting systems. These drawbacks include:

  • The need for expensive robotics training for all machine operators including new starts and constant up skilling to support software upgrades
  • The risk of wear to robot components should the robots suit be compromised by the harsh blasting environments which they inhabit

It is because of these drawbacks that Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. not only produces highly sophisticated robotic systems, but also provides an alternative solution to robotically controlled systems.

The use of automated nozzle manipulators with multiple axis ensure the same range of motion about the part as a robotically controlled system, often achieve faster, more efficient production rates and ensure that all moving or volatile parts are positioned outside of the blast zone to ensure long production lives.