Multi Axis

Multi axis equipment is ideal for blasting specific areas of a part. The nozzle manipulators work in harmony to process the part and follow its topography. The multi axis equipment ensures that all motors and components with moving parts stay out of the blast zone. This ensures a long wear-life. Multi axis equipment is available in a host of different configurations and many applications.

  • This particular equipment uses a vertical door to maximize the use of space in the load/unload area.
  • Multi axis equipment is primarily air blast and uses heavy-duty design and high factors to ensure longevity.
  • Teach pendants make it possible for the operator to get close to the part while teaching the movements to the system. This makes the process techniques more accurate.
  • Upper OD and ID Manipulators.
  • Heavy-duty construction means a long wear life.
  • Both OD and ID lances in the same machine.
  • Everything you need for scalable production.
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