Dust Collectors

LBTI design and manufacture a line of pulse jet dust collectors that are perfect for blast equipment dust collection. The collectors are built from 3/16” mild steel and are fully welded.

The collectors are cartridge style reverse pulse jet dust collectors, providing a cleaning efficiency of 99.8%. A photohelic/magnahelic gauge is provided to determine cartridge filter cleanliness as well as electrically controlling the pulse time of the valves to clean the cartridges. Cartridges are contained in the housing and are easily accessed through the access door. Cartridges are locked in place by a quick lock/release mechanism.

The dust collectors are suitable for continuous operation involving a high recovery rate. Dust collection is highly efficient in dealing with nuisance particles and debris. Accompanied by the proper ventilation ducting, the sealed system will successfully move dust and debris from a blast cabinet, through the ducting and be captured in the filters within the housing. Any heavier particles will fall through the bottom of the collector and be captured in a waste drum attached and sealed to the collector.

  • Model & Type: Reverse pulse jet cartridge style dust collector
  • Housing: 3/16” Carbon steel plate construction, reinforced for 20” W.G. negative pressure, with 5mm thick tube sheet, perforated inlet baffle, flanged inlet and outlet
  • Dust Receptacles: One (1) drum (By Customer)
  • Paint: Outside surface primed to a thickness of 80-120μ, complete unit will be finished in Langtry white to a thickness of 200-250 μ, unless otherwise specified by customer.
  • Environment: The collector can be configured for both indoor and outdoor use

Dust Collector Configurations Available

See below a list of the standard dust collector sizes available.

# of cartridges 28″ Filter HP 36″ Filter HP 52″ Filter HP
4 1800 CFM 7.5 2400 CFM 7.5
6 2800 CFM 10 3600 CFM 10
9 4200 CFM 10 5400 CFM 15
12 5600 CFM 15 7200 CFM 20
24 11000 CFM 25 14000 CFM 30
20 12000 CFM 25 17000 CFM 40
25 15000 CFM 30 22000 CFM 40