Blast Booth

The blast booth cabinet style is ideal for a manual process. The blast booth acts as a large room and is suited to large parts having both a large work door and access doors for operator use. The blast booth is fitted with a hand pull E-Stop string all on the walls of the entire inner cabinet for operator safety.

The blast booth may utilize either mechanical or vacuum reclaim floor systems depending on the media that is being reclaimed.

100_1986     100_1993

This particular style can be installed either on a finished plant floor or in a pit. In the case that the booth is installed within a pit, the floor of the blast cabinet is flush with the plant floor making it possible to drive parts in and out of the cabinet in many ways depending on the part style.

  • The HMI is based on a state of the art industrial touchscreen.
  • Ideal for manual process
  • Scalable for a host of part sizes and shapes
  • Available in either mechanical or vacuum reclaim styles
  • Available in a host of different sizes and configurations of booth
  • Features both work and man doors for operator ease of use
  • Can be used for cleaning, peening and surface prep
  • Cost efficient
  • Teach pendants make it possible for the operator to easily teach techniques.
  • Various door styles available